Olives Tops Poppy Hills Tourney

By Romi Beza, Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 06:00 am PST
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April 17, 2016 — Enrique Olives overcame numerous errant drives as well as difficult course conditions to top the second tournament of the year held this Sunday at Monterey’s Poppy Hills Golf Course. Enrique scored 1-over par to win by 5 strokes over runner-up Manny Noguera. Mandy Rosales came in third with 78.

Enrique scrambled throughout the round to make up for several bad, if not uncustomary, drives. Evidently, Enrique had enough game to mask his mistakes and still score well. Manny fought head-on with Enrique after the turn and would have challenged for the top spot had he shaken off his rust (he had just arrived from overseas two days prior) quicker in the front nine.

The par 71 Poppy Hills course still had many hard greens even two years after its extensive renovation in 2014. The yet-to-stabilize greens caused many good approach shots to roll off the putting surface and into the rough in some cases. Greens were not only fast but had difficult pin positions that would have challenged even professional golfers. Three putts was usual for those who had difficulty judging the green speed and subtle breaks. Otherwise, the course was in excellent but demanding condition. The 15 golfers who participated in the tournament teed-off under summer-like weather which was a pleasant departure from the damp fog that sometimes hovers the Monterey peninsula.

Doubleclick on the picture for a larger version! L-R: Closest-to-the-pin winner James Higgins, 3rd placer Mandy Rosales, winner Enrique Olives and Manny Noguera pose for a souvenir photo at the clubhouse at the end of the Sunday tournament.

The complete scores:

72     Enrique Olives

76     Manny Noguera

78     Mandy Rosales

79     Bobby Panlasigue

Tony Colmenares

80     Rico Medina

82     Clem Yu

85     Jim Feyzbakhah

Nutsie Maloles

Orly Mayor

87     Romi Beza

Nani Ramirez

Gilbert Talavera

95     James Higgins

DNF   Dino Africa

Next tournament: 05/14/16    10:00a @ Monarch Bay Golf Club in San Leandro $65 tournament fee





Here’s The 2016 DLS Greens Tour Schedule

By Romi Beza, Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 02:13 pm PST
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03/26/16    11:50a @ Poppy Ridge Golf Course in Livermore $88

04/17/16    10:00a @ Poppy Hills Golf Course in Monterey $120

05/14/16    10:00a @ Monarch Bay Golf Club in San Leandro $65

06/TBD/16  TBD @ Eagle Vines Golf Club in Napa $100

07/16/16     10:00a @ The Course at Wente in Livermore $100

08/13/16     11:00a @ Nicklaus Club in Monterey $110

09/26/16     12:00p @ Shadow Lakes Golf Club in Brentwood $100 [Annual Fil-Am Fundraising Tournament]

10/14/16    10:00a @ Callippe Preserve Golf Course in Pleasanton $95

Colmenares Wins Inaugural 2016 DLS Greens Tourney

By Romi Beza, Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 01:51 pm PST
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March 26, 2016 — Tony Colmenares won the year’s first tournament via a tie-breaker against Matt Hizon at the Poppy Ridge Golf Course. Tony and Matt both scored 69 but Tony won by closing out hot with a (net) 3-under-par on the back nine. Bobby Panlasigue scored even par 72 to capture solo third.

A modest 12 Lasallian golfers and their guests turned up to compete in the wind-swept links-style golf course in Livermore. The golfers played the Merlot course for the first nine holes and then the Chardonnay course at the golf course’s 27-hole lay-out. Panlaigue also won closest-to-the-pin bragging rights at hole # 7 of the Chardonnay course. At the Merlot course, guest player Jack Costelo did his version at hole # 8.

The complete scores:

69 Tony Colmenares
Matt Hizon

72 Bobby Panlasigue

75 Rico Medina

77 Jim Feyzbaksh

78 Salvador Lahoz

81 Clem Yu
Dino Africa

96 Gilbert Talavera

97 Orly Mayor

NH Jack Costelo
Ed Melgoza

DLSU Honors Lim Eng Beng

By Romi Beza, Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 01:36 am PST
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DLSU gives tribute to Lim Eng Beng

Last February 13, 2016, The Office of the President of De La Salle University in cooperation with the family of Lim Eng Beng, celebrated the life of the King Archer with various events.

The tribute started with a Celebration of the Holy Eucharistic at the Pearl of Great Price chapel followed by the opening of the exhibit entitled “King Archer #14 Lim Eng Beng” located at the 6th Floor of the Learning Commons, Henry Sy Sr. Hall. Various memorabilia were displayed to pay homage to the original King Archer. DLSU further honored the late Lim Eng Beng with a short program where DLSU President Br. Ray Suplido FSC announced the institution of the “Gawad Lim Eng Beng” as part of the annual student leadership search referred to as “Gawad Lasalyano.” The Gawad Lim Eng Beng award will be given to the most outstanding student leader in team sports.

It was a nostalgic afternoon attended by Lim Eng Beng’s family, relatives, friends, administrators and alumni.

The tribute was made possible by the participation of the following units: Advancement and Alumni Relations Office, Office of Sports Development, De La Salle Alumni Association, Lasallian Pastoral Office, Strategic Communications Office, The Museum @ DLSU, and The Learning Commons @ DLSU

Memorial Services for Joe Batto

By Romi Beza, Saturday, October 31st, 2015 12:36 am PST
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From Irvin Sevilla:

To those who would like to pay last respects, here’s Joe’s memorial schedule:

Friday November 6: Viewing 9a to 6p; Rosary prayer 6p to 9p @ Oak Hill Memorial 300 Curtner Ave., San Jose CA 95125

Saturday November 7: Mass 10a @ Holy Spirit Church 1200 Redmond Ave., San Jose CA 95120. Reception to follow. Location TBA.

Sunday November 8: Burial 11a @ Oak Hill Memorial 300 Curtner Ave., San Jose CA 95125.

Let us all continue to pray for Joe’s eternal rest.

Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!

Olives Tops 2014 Fil-Am Championship

By Romi Beza, Friday, October 30th, 2015 03:52 am PST
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Sept. 20, 2014 — Enrique Olives picked-up from where he left-off at last month’s tournament by topping the DLSAANC’s annual golf fundraiser, the Fil-Am Championship, today at the par-71 Shadow Lakes golf course in Brentwood. Enrique shot an impressive 2 over par 73 to win lowest gross score — and Fil-Am champion — honors by a comfortable 6-stroke lead over runner-up Ron Riego de Dios. Enrique was actually just up by a stroke at the turn but put away Ron at holes # 15 to 16 where Enrique built a 4 stroke margin.

Thirty-two alumni and friends competed in this year’s tournament. Froi Lomotan’s net 67 edged the DLSAANC’s ever-supportive Atenean friend Sonny Ramirez by a stroke in Division A. Froi’s carpool was trophy-laden as his guest Rodel Hubilla’s net 65 was 3 strokes better than Mandy Rosales to ran away with Division B honors.

The complete (net) scores:

Low Gross / Fil-Am Champion

63     Enrique Olives

Division A

67     Froi Lomotan

68     Sonny Ramirez

69     Manny Noguera

70     Ron Riego de Dios, Clem Yu

71     Arnold Mercado

73     Bobby Panlasigue

74     Tom Consunji

76     Mike Manalo

77     Tony Colmenares

78     Manny Espinoza

79     Lou Madamba

81     Irvin Sevilla

Mari Valles

82     Romi Beza

Division B

65    Rodel Hubilla

68     Mandy Rosales

70     Dino Africa, Luther Jao

71     Nutsie Maloles

72     Joji Mercado

75     Rico Medina

77     Jun Rima, Jim Feyzbakhsh

80     Gilbert Talavera

88     Orly Mayor


1st     Michael Yambao

Chuck Samaniego

Ricky Ablaza

Tito Solis

Rey Movillion



Former DLSAANC President Jose L. Batto, Jr. (GS’52, HS’56, BSME’61) Passes On

By Romi Beza, Thursday, October 29th, 2015 08:14 am PST
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October 28, 2015 — Former DLSAANC President Jose L. Batto, Jr. (GS’52, HS’56, BSME’61) passed on early this morning after being rushed to the hospital by his son Jamie the previous night, when Joe complained of severe stomach pain. The cause turned out to be internal bleeding which the doctors unsuccessfully failed to cure leading to Joe’s untimely demise hours later.

Joe was among the senior alumni who were enlisted after Sonny Juico revived the association in 1982 after years of dormancy. Joe was particularly active in the outdoor activities — picnics, camping, rafting — but could wow them all as well with his moves on the dance floor. Joe eventually became president of the association in 1997 after several stints with the board of directors. A Lasallian throughout his school years, Joe continued to serve the association even after his 1997 term and attended the recent summer picnics at St. Mary’s College after surviving a bout with liver cancer, the same disease that his wife Helen Raimundo succumbed to in 2003.

We will miss you, Joe! Rest in peace!

DLSU Nov. 20 Newsletter: Rufino Campus Launched

By Romi Beza, Thursday, November 20th, 2014 12:54 am PST
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DLSAANC Christmas Party, December 13, 2014

By Irvin Sevilla, Sunday, October 26th, 2014 06:04 am PST
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When The Game Stands Tall — Part II

By Romi Beza, Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 01:28 am PST
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Done, Joe! I’ve corrected the original posting which was inadvertently attributed to Irvin. (more…)