General Assembly and Annual Picnic

By Irvin Sevilla, Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 07:27 pm PST
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To the De La Salle Alumni of Northern California:

The De La Salle Alumni Association of Northern California (DLSAANC) will hold its General Assembly on Saturday, July 8th at San Mateo Recreational Park (Coyote Point), along with our annual picnic.

All De La Salle Alumni are invited. In addition to promoting fellowship among its members, the General Assembly will hold elections to the Board of Directors for the next two years, and be presented with a comprehensive update on the various charities that have been supported in the past and will be supported in the future.

Please advise of your intentions of attending, so we can have a headcount and further prepare.

See you all soon!

Irvin Sevilla

Colmenares Wins 2017 Inaugural Tourney

By Romi Beza, Monday, April 3rd, 2017 10:01 pm PST
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April 3, 2017 — After a weather-induced one week delay, the 2017 DLS Greens Golf Tour finally got underway yesterday at the Brian Costello-designed Callippe Preserve Golf Course in Pleasanton. Tony Colmenares won the year’s inaugural tournament by scoring 3 under par 69 to win by two strokes over his fellow St. Mary’s College alum Jim Feyzbakhsh. Third place winner was Froi Lomotan via a scorecard tiebreaker versus Manny Espinosa. Both scored 72 but Froi had a better back nine to win 2nd runner-up. Froi also won closest-to-the-pin bragging rights at the 116-yard hole # 6. The other par 3 honors went to Clem Yu at the spectacular downhill 137-yard hole # 13 (shown left).

18 golfers participated in this year’s maiden tournament. The golfers teed off the 6,024-yard, 124-slope white tees amid warm spring weather. It was a marked improvement over the previous week’s rainy weather and also what is projected to be another upcoming rainy weekend. Course condition was excellent and the usual afternoon winds did not bother the golfers after the noontime tee off. The golfers had to navigate doglegs, elevation changes, barancas and undulating greens though to earn their pars. For a lot of golfers, it was a feast or famine affair throughout the round since many holes had varying degrees of challenges. Nonetheless, the day was marked by camaraderie as the golfers gathered for the first time this year not only to compete but to renew friendships.

The complete scores:

69     Tony Colmenares

71     Jim Feyzbakhsh

72     Froi Lomotan

Manny Espinosa

73     Manny Noguera

76     Romi Beza

Jun Rima

79     Rey Reyes

81     Rico Medina

Matt Hizon

82     Clem Yu

Rene Gube

84     Gilbert Talavera

85     Charlie Gonzales

Mandy Rosales

89     Orly Mayor

90     Lou Madamba

DNF   Nani Ramirez (shoulder injury)

DLSAANC Welcomes DLSU Pres. Br. Ray and Hands Over Donations

By Irvin Sevilla, Saturday, April 1st, 2017 05:35 pm PST
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March 29th, 2017 – A small group of NorCal Lasallians welcomed De La Salle University President Br. Raymund Suplido, DLSU Alumni Relations Director Edwin C. Reyes and DLSAA President Mr. Derrick Yu for dinner and donation presentation at Fort McKinley restaurant, South San Francisco, Calif. last Tuesday night. The DLSU delegation took the opportunity to do an audio-visual presentation on updates on the DLS Philippine District to the DLSAANC chapter.

Br. Ray, after opening with a prayer, talked about what’s new and upcoming at our beloved De La Salle University and newly-formed campuses/colleges. This includes the February 2017-inaugurated DLSU Rufino Campus in Bonifacio Global City which will house the DLSU School of Law.  While the physical structure have been completed, there are still many opportunities for everyone to contribute and support the various classrooms and campus wings.  At DLSU Taft, they are opening a section to bring back a batch of senior high school students from all over the Philippines.  This is mainly due to the change in the education structure from a 10 year program to a K-12 program.  Since all Philippine schools have adopted the American standard K-12 program, the new high school sections at the Taft campus satisfies the academic needs of the remaining students caught in the K-12 transition to finish their senior studies.

Also discussed were the on-going projects to help continue the Lasallian mission:

  • Share your expertise and be an inspiration: Nestor Tan, BDO President, Ed Chua, SHELL retired chair, Dante Ang, Manila Times, and Chiqui Escareal-Go, Mansmith and Fielders, were invited to speak to Lasallian students for inspiration;
  • Fuel the Animo: sports recruitment;
  • Benches for scholarships: name a bench after you, your family, batch, organization, or chapter for 10 years.  Proceeds go to the LaSallian Legacy Fund;
  • Naming opportunities: name a classroom – DLSU Rufino Campus – mentioned above and at many other DLSU projects;
  • Professorial chairs: incentives given to professors to conduct further studies and research.
  • Animo lab: a business and technology incubation facility for aspiring students.

The presentation was continued by DLSU Alumni Relations Director Mr. Edwin Reyes, who talked about how we can all be a part of this.  DLSAANC, as a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, will be able to provide assistance in collecting donations from all over the United States and serve as a conduit to the many projects.

Finally, DLSAA President Mr. Derrick Yu talked about a few more ways on how we can earn points towards scholarship.  The use of choice credit cards from partners like East West Bank, Petron and Union Bank allows 1 to 2 % split commission to both cardholder and the DLSAA Scholarship Fund. Their newly-built office (from the fourth floor of Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall, DLSU-Manila) was done for better access to students, DLSAA chapters, Special Interest Groups, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, among others.

While we did not sing the customary Alma Mater song to finish the event, the group ended with an exchange of materials and farewell gifts.  DLSAANC President Irvin Sevilla presented a check for $9,000 (Nine thousand dollars) to Br. Ray, to be distributed to the following Lasallian charities in the Philippines:

  • Bagac School – $3,000
  • Benilde School for the Deaf – $3,000
  • Bahay Pag-Asa (Cavite) – $2,000
  • One LaSalle – $1,000

Animo LaSalle!

Mont LaSalle Visit with Br. Ray Suplido, FSC

By Irvin Sevilla, Thursday, March 30th, 2017 11:23 pm PST
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On March 28, 2017, a beautiful Tuesday morning, Orly Mayor and myself picked up the top level DLSU contingent comprised of Br. Ray Suplido, President of De LaSalle University; Edwin C. Reyes, DLSU Director of Alumni Relations; and Dr. Derrick Ethelbert Yu, President of DLSAA – Philippines at the Cartwright hotel in downtown San Francisco. We headed to Mont LaSalle in Napa, California via the scenic route and made a quick stop at the Golden Gate Bridge vista point for some photo op. We tried to get across the other side of the bridge too. Local Bay Area folks know that the view on the north side of the bridge directly across the vista point along Concelman Rd. has the best view of the bridge bar-none!  Unfortunately, due to the recent rains, the parking lots on that side of the bridge were all closed and so off we went…..Napa Valley here we come!

Upon arriving at Mont La Salle, we were greeted by Br. Mark Murphy, Vice Chair of Operations, and also COO of the Lasallian Education Fund, among other hats he wears within the La Salle organization. He gave us a short tour of the recreational center, the brothers quarters and explained in detail the many historical events and items that were displayed in-house.  Numerous paintings, photos and memorabilia are displayed in the property.  Shortly after, we were met by both Br. Dominic Berardelli and Br. John O’Neil for a delicious lunch prepared by the Mont La Salle staff.  While Br. Dominic is based at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, he was sent at Mont La Salle to recuperate from a bout with the flu.  Powered by a two wheeled walker, Br. Dom aka Aquinas was full of energy and back to his usual brightness. Br. John aka Fidelis, himself recuperating from a recent cancer scare, is based full time at Mont La Salle.  The gathering was happy and the conversation non-stop with everyone reminiscing their days at Taft, LSGH and/or Lipa and sharing stories of their different assignments all over the world!  Br. Dominic and Br. John were once elementary Principals at LSGH and Taft back in the 60’s.

The visit did not end here. After lunch, the group was escorted next door to Hess Winery.  The winery was once part of the Christian Brothers brand, and now leased for 100 years to the Hess family.  We were given a tour of the gallery and finished off with a four-wine tasting.  It was so refreshing!

Before we said our goodbyes, Br. Mark gave us one last look at one of the three chapels in the property.  With stained glass windows from Germany, originally made back in the 1930’s, it has never broken a piece!  Would you believe that it only cost $300 to make them during that period?  So much history and little tidbits of information from Br. Mark!

Finally, the drive back to the Bay Area at around 4:30 PM is never complete without the rush hour traffic!  50 miles and two hours later, we were back in the Sunset district of San Francisco having Chinese food at one of my favorite hole-in-the wall spots.  Won Ton House anyone?

A very long day came to an end. Thanks to Orly Mayor for safely driving everyone back at the hotel.  A memorable day indeed!

Callippe Tourney Moved to April 2

By Romi Beza, Sunday, March 26th, 2017 12:36 am PST
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The DLS Greens tournament at Callippe has been moved to Sunday, April 2 (11:40am start).
Please inform your guests who are not getting this notice.

Fun Christmas Night With Alumni & Friends

By Romi Beza, Friday, March 24th, 2017 06:36 am PST
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Well, better later than later! Here are the photos of the beautiful ladies and gentlemen of the DLSAANC chapter who attended the 2016 Christmas dinner/dance party last December at Fort McKinley in South San Francisco. Thanks to the better halves for organizing the event! (Note: Thanks to Alan Estrella and Irvin Sevilla for the pictures! Click on the picture for a bigger sized version!)

Reception For Br. Ray Suplido, FSC On Wednesday 3/29

By Romi Beza, Friday, March 24th, 2017 06:10 am PST
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The DLSAANC Northern California chapter will be hosting visiting DLSU President Br. Raymundo Suplido, FSC as well as DLSAA Manila Alumni Directors Edwin Reyes and Derrick Yu on Wednesday March 29 at the Fort McKinley Restaurant & Bar located at 101 Brentwood Drive in South San Francisco.

Chapter President Irvin Sevilla will be leading the chapter officers and board directors in welcoming the Manila visitors, who have prepared a short presentation on the state of Lasallian alumni affairs. Alumni who are interested to join the event should contact Irvin via irvins@dlaanc.org.


Here Is The DLS Greens 2017 Tournament Schedule

By Romi Beza, Friday, March 24th, 2017 05:44 am PST
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Ladies and Gents of De La Salle: below is this year’s tournament schedule. With the exception of the inaugural tournament, all will be held on Saturdays. Everyone is welcome to bring guests — especiallly to our annual fundraiser tournament (Fil-Am Championship) — to make the competition even more fun!

Tournament fees can be mailed to Tournament Director Orly Mayor at 2476 Fiji Way, San Leandro CA 94577. If you have QuickPay, BillPay or similar electronic fund transfer capability, you can remit your funds to omayor58@gmail.com

See you at the links!

DLS GREENS  2017 Tournament Schedule

Date / Tee Time / Golf Course / Fee

3/26/2017 Sunday / 11am / Callippe Preserve / $95.00 (Moved to April 2, Sunday)

4/22/2017 Saturday / 10am / Poppy Ridge / $95.00

5/20/2017 Saturday / 10:00 AM / Poppy Hills / $120.00; guests $150

6/24/2017 Saturday /7am / Monarch Bay / $70.00

7/22/2017 Saturday / 1pm / Wente / $95.00

8/19/2017 Saturday / 12noon / Nicklaus Monterey / $130.00

9/23/2017 Saturday / 8am / Monarch Bay (FilAm Championship) / $100.00 Shotgun; includes buffet lunch 1:30 @ Everybody’s Café

10/21/2017 Saturday / 10am / Hiddenbrooke (pending) / tbd

Hizon is 2016 Fil-Am Champion

By Romi Beza, Friday, November 11th, 2016 07:18 am PST
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2016filamwinners ( Click on the thumbnail for larger picture. L-R: Dan Foz, Rene Gube, Zenon Carlos, Matt Hizon, Jim Feyzbakhsh, Andy Litton [subbing for his guest Jesse Bacaro]. )

Sept. 24, 2016 — Matt Hizon finally bagged a tournament win and it came no less at the association’s annual Fil-AM Championship fundraiser held today at the Shadow Lakes Country Club in Brentwood, CA. This month’s tournament attracted a field of 37 alumni and Lasallian friends who competed in three categories.

Matt Hizon scored the day’s low gross score of 7-over par 79 to win the over-all championship. He played a relatively stress-free round by driving straight long tee shots and sticking many approach shots at the pin.

In Division A, Dan Foz edged Zenon Carlos with a net 68. Zenon actually won a tie breaker against Jun Antoc to win the 2nd place trophy. Both came from the SFPGA Golf Club, who fielded a strong 14-man roster in support of the DLSAANC’s fundraiser. Thank you guys!

Another tie-breaker determined the winner in Division B with Rene Gube (also from the SFPGA club) ending up with the winner over Jim Feyzbakhsh. Both scored an impressive net 65.

The small 3-man Division C competition adopted the Callaway scoring format and was topped by Jesse Bacaro with a net 74.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

The complete results:

Low Gross and Over-all Champion:

79 Matt Hizon (net 64)

Division A

68   Dan Foz

69   Zenon Carlos

Jun Antoc

70   Tito Purugunan

Enrique Olives

71   Mon Dumancas

Manny Noguera

72   Gil Abad

Arnold Mercado

Raul Garcia

73   Mari Valles

74   Clem Yu

75   George Corpuz

77   Andrew Ortega

80   Dante Foronda

Rudy Ruan

Division B

65   Rene Gube

Jim Feyzbakhsh

69   Andy Litton

70   Al Tomas

71   Butch Rastrullo

72   Nutsie Maloles

74   Charlie Gonzales

75   Rey Ortega

Mandy Rosales

76   Bobby Panlasigue

Gilbert Talavera

77   Tony Colmenares

81   Dino Africa

85   Jun Rima

DNF  Orly Mayor

Lou Madamba

Joji Mercado

Flight C

74   Jesse Bacaro

75   Jack Costello

76   Alan Silva



Samaniego and Rosales Are Division Winners At Monarch

By Romi Beza, Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 02:08 am PST
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Guest player and Arreneow guy Chuck Samaniego topped Division A play via scorecard tie-breaker against Bobby Panlasigue at this month’s tournament held at one of the regular stops of the annual DLS Greens Tour, Monarch Bay Golf Club located at San Leandro, last May 14.

Both Chuck and Bobby shot a net two-under 70 but Chuck’s steadier play at the back nine (not to mention the Green Archers’ sense of fair play even with their arch rivals) won him the honors for Division A.

For Division B, Mandy Rosales won by three strokes over home course boy Rico Medina, who scored 76.

Twenty golfers competed in the third leg of this year’s golf tour, with 12 grouped at Division A and the rest at Division B for more equitable skill level competition. Tee time was at 10am making for benign conditions for most of the 4.5 hour playing time in what is usually a windswept mostly-link style golf course. Save for several hard bunkers, course condition was fair.

The day’s closest-to-the-pin bragging rights went to Froi Lomotan at the 173-yard 4th hole and Jim Feyzbakhsh at the 139-yard 7th hole.

The complete scores:

Division A

70      Chuck Samaniego

Bobby Panlasigue

73      Balong Lahoz

75      Luther Jao

78      Froi Lomotan

79      Tony Colmenares

Romi Beza

91      Lou Madamba

93      Nick Lahoz

96      Gerry Gatchalian

97      Art Dancel

Randy Mabalot

Division B

73      Mandy Rosales

76      Rico Medina

77      Dak Baltazar

79      Nutsie Maloles

83      Orly Mayor

Jun Magbitang

84      Dino Africa

85     Jun Rima

90      Gilbert Talavera

Next stop: June TBD @ Eagle Vines (Napa) $100 tournament fee